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Nutshell Innovasion is a full App development company focused on creating remarkable web and mobile applications. We work to rapidly evolve ideas to products. Our 30+ products and numerous solutions are being used by thousands of users across the world.

Nutshell Innovasion Has Already Developed Multiple Projects.

Android based Apps which meets the need of business and individual.

Auto Call Recorder

Perhaps we want to record an important business conversation for the record or maybe a fun conversation with some of our friends. It could be an important secret audio call from our loved ones that we don’t want to forget. Auto Call Recording is the best way to keep all these calls safe and secure to listen them later. With Auto Call Recording, it’s easy to record all your incoming and outgoing audio calls.

Key Features:
✔ To record calls, choose from number, contact, non-contact or just selected contacts
✔ Get best quality out-put of audio recordings
✔ Choose the recording format from 3GP, AMR, FLAC etc.
✔ Auto delete old hidden recordings
✔ Mark recordings as important to save them from auto deleting
✔ Keep your recordings secure with a password
✔ Cloud storage available

Flash Call Alert & SMS

Little utility will add to incoming calls, caller identification , sms and a notification of applications such as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram and others, a bright flash with fine tuning.

✔ Install LED Flash for Alerts when mobile phone is in Vibrate or Silent.
✔ CallerID: Identify numbers in real-time
✔ It is super convenient for you to turn your phone into a flashlight torch in seconds with one tap!
✔ Easily to adjust speed of light to blink, blink frequency to be slow or fast
✔ After Call screen: Call to action features & Configuration of flash alerts
✔ You can install for Call or text as well as install for other applications or software on mobile phone.

Multi Language Translator Pro

“Multi language translator” is designed for businessman, traveler, students, or casual users who need to translate phrases, sentences, or vocabularies. There are many ways to input the phrases or sentences and have us translate them for you. You can use text or voice. Our translation app provides voice recognition ability. Unable to speak local language is one of the greatest problems face by many travelers. You will have no problem visiting most countries in the world with this app. This international communication app will assist you in understanding both written words and speeches so that you will not be in the dark whenever you visit a new place that speaks a language you are not familiar with. Download “Multi language translator” to access the ultimate translation app with support for voice recognition.

Radio online – Free Live FM AM

Tune in to your favorite music radio stations, listen news channels like BBC radio or sports news. Welcome to “Radio Online – Free Live FM AM”, one of the best mobile radio app available on Google Play. Are you fed-up of downloading and managing your favorite songs on your mobile device? Do you like to listen free audio content such as music, news, sports or talk shows? Download “Radio Online – Free Live FM AM”, a simple radio app with over 30,000 free radio stations. Just tune in to your favorite UK Radio Stations like 102.2 Capital FM, 95.8 Capital FM, Absolute Radio, BBC – London 94.9, BBC – Radio 3, BBC – Radio Scotland, BBC – Radio Ulster, BBC – Radio Wales, Smooth Radio, XFM London and many more. “Radio Online – Free Live FM AM” is just a perfect app to have on your device especially for those times when you don’t feel like searching the internet to listen your favorite radio stations.

Muslim Quran Prayer Times

Muslim Prayer Times App indicates you the prayer timing, the Mosques near you and the Qibla direction wherever you are! An elegant and accurate Application for getting prayer timings and qibla direction, no matter where you are. Accurate and exact salat: Shows the times for the Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib et Isha.

ToDo List : Add Task Reminders

It’s great to have ToDo list daily planner on your device and stay organized. It works just like a second brain and an ultimate personal assistant for you. It keeps track of all your important activities and even tiny little errands so you can get most out of your day. ToDo list is a perfect tool to keep you stay organized and increase your productivity by performing all the tasks right on time. You can create a list of activities of your business tasks or even home tasks such as grocery shopping and other activities. It will increase your productivity and you’ll get all things done within due date and time. “ToDo List : Add Task Reminders” gives you a chance to stay organized and perform all your errands and tasks in time.

Healthy Recipes: Lose Weight

Are you ready to change your life, be healthy, fit and filled with energy? Healthy Recipes: Lose Weight can help you with that by offering immediate access to more than 100000 different recipes that will help you access all vitamins, proteins and nutrients all while losing the extra fat and detoxing your body. Healthy Recipes: Lose Weight is the ultimate answer for those persons that tirelessly wanted to lose weight. The app has a powerful search engine and categories that allow you to find the desired meal type a lot easier and you can also add your own recipes if you want. You can also save your own recipes if you want and the app is continually updated so you can always check out new recipes! Each recipe is detailed, filled with images and instructions that are very easy to follow so you won’t have a problem cooking it on your own! If you like any recipe you can share it with friends, so they can also change their life like you do!

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Our ability to create innovative solutions to complex problems adds value to our developments.

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