When to opt for Hybrid app development?

When to opt for Hybrid app development?

In today’s time, you will come across innumerable mobile apps and this count is rising on a daily basis. As per the COMSCORE Report, the timing for digital media in the United States took a drastic rise, growing by more than 50% within a span of 24 months. ¾ of this growth is attributed to the various mobile app.

However, the app development process is not a simple one.  By default, choices are restricted to the prime platforms like Android and iOS.  In addition, there are issues related to time, cost as well as simplicity of the development process.  These factors evolve as the major challenges for the majority business and entrepreneurs.

Hybrid development approaches to fill the gap

The majority of the enterprises and startups are turning towards Hybrid for elevating the launching speed as well as to cut down the expenses and streamline the intricacies. As it comes up from the VisionWidget research, developers are turning to html5 to develop a mobile app. Of course, it is not without reasons. You need to be very sure about the solutions that perfectly suits your business needs. It is obvious that you would like to speed up the business process as a startup. Of course, it would be ideal with restricted resources, while your start up in going through its initial days. Hybrid development will be the ideal approach to embrace in such instances.

What is a Hybrid Mobile app?

You can describe Hybrid as a category of the web app, contained as well as transformed to native code on platforms like Android and iOS. Hybrid development enables developers to benefit from their skills on web programming and develop a web app, using CSS, JavaScript as well as HTML technology. Subsequently, it gets wrapped inside a container and imparted a native touch through Cordova that facilitates the access to the set of necessary hardware like push notifications and camera.

What are the pros in Hybrid development?

  • Simple development steps
  • Cost-effective
  • Multiple programs yet based on a single code
  • Developers can utilize their existing skills
  • Moves to the market at a massive pace

What are the areas of concern with Hybrid app development process?

As nothing under the sun in absolutely perfect, there are some areas of concern, revolving around hybrid development as well. Following are the key points in this regard:

  • Some categories of apps may encounter performance related issues.
  • Related APIs and device features are significantly lesser than the Native apps.
  • It becomes hard to find developers that have hands-on experience in developing native apps.

Hybrid apps that are well structured will hardly feature operational differences with the functioning of the native app. The style for building an app hardly matters to the users.  Users are concerned about the efficiency of the app and they consider whether if the app has got some utility to offer them. For these reasons, hybrid development plays a major part in the domain of mobile development.

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